Lego Dino Defense Hq - 5887

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Lego Dino Defense HQ - 5887

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Prepare for an epic prehistoric battle at the Lego Dino Defense HQ. Equipped with a communications center, laboratory and tranquilizer refilling station, the Dino Defense HQ is a hive of activity inside the heart of dinosaur nation. Put together this massive 792 piece Lego set to prepare the dinosaur hunter's base for an attack of the dinosaurs. But all hands are needed at battle stations when the alarm goes off and a enormous herd of dinosaurs comes stomping as considerably as the gates. The t-rex, raptor and coelophysis and powerful and angry dinosaurs, but the Dino Defense HQ is well-equipped to fend them off with: Opening and closing gates Helicopter and jeep vehicles Three tranqulizer flick missiles Working net and crane arm


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