Lego Dino T-rex Hunter - 5886

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Lego Dino T-Rex Hunter - 5886

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Help bring down the greatest Lego predator with all the Lego Dino T-Rex Hunter. Thankfully there's a heavy-lift helicopter deployed and ready to airlift it out! If the two Lego minifigures need helping slowing down the rampaging dinosaur, their tranquilizer guns should put it in its place. Distract the raging tyrannosaurus with the scout vehicle, then maneover the helicopter behind it and clamp the harness in place. The dinosaur hunter's scout vehicle has spotted a gigantic T-Rex stomping out with all the jungle towards the city. If they don't manage to secure it quickly it'll flatten everything in its path. You'll be ready for an exciting dinosaur chase with this 480 piece Lego set.


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