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Lego Street Sprinter Vs. Mutant Lizard: Dino Attack

Street Sprinter Vs. Mutant Lizard: Dino4 Star Rating
Street Sprinter Vs Mutant Lizard Dino
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lego street sprinter mutant lizard dino

Price: $59.99

Smash the dino attack with all the Street Sprinter! Cut off from the rest with the team, Digger ought to depend on the Street Sprinter and his cosmotronic ray to quit a rampaging mutant dinosaur. * Includes Digger and mutant dinosaur. Ages: 7-14 Pieces: 42 Item#: 7473 Lego Who will win the showdown? You decide!

Features List

  • Package: Height: 1.6" Length: 5.8" Width: 3.8"
  • Package Weight: 0.15 lbs.

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