Jawbones Dinosaur 18 Pieces Set - Construction Toy

Jawbones Dinosaur 18 Pieces Set

Constructor Toys

0689483054962 is the EAN barcode, aka the International Article Number, for this Dino Lego set. It's my opinion you will like that the Lego set comes with this feature, combine two or more sets to create larger models. Other highlights include things like 18 pieces and great way for kids to have creative fun. The Dino Lego set dimensions are 7.5"H x 5"L x 1.5"W and weighs approximately 0.13 lbs.

Jawbones is The Buildable Art System with construction pieces that swivel, ratchet and snap together in countless methods. The possibilities for unique creations are restricted only by one's imagination. The precision pieces within the Jawbones sets will provide several hours of enjoyment for any budding artist, architect, sculpter, designer engineer or builder.


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