Lego Dino T Rex Hunter

Dino T Rex Hunter
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Dino T Rex Hunter is a must own Lego set. Just one of the major characteristics for this Lego set is the main production country: b&gt china. Additional features consist of target gender: b&gt boy, safety standards: b&gt ce and up to 12 years b&gt 7 years: age. It's 2.76"H x 18.9"L x 14.88"W. It weighs close to 2.42 lbs. 0705235381466 is the bar code for this item. Shopping for Dino T Rex Hunter , add to cart by clicking on the link below.

A Lego block dyno series ferocious T-Rex will probably be the run! I'm towards the town terrible dinosaur is producing a loud footsteps. I'm going would be to Pechanko all to guy should you do not hurry! And tied with a rope, I'll return to the jungle with huge lift helicopter. Package size: 480 (width) 378 (height) 71 (back) mm Target age: 7 years of age or older


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